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About Us

Commodity Exchanges are the institutions having legal entity to deal with the purchase of the materials belonging to the stock Exchange and the determination, registration and announcement of the prices occur there within the frame of the grounds of the law with the number 5174.

A covered market has been found in Şapinuva which is in Ortaköy, a district of our city,  used to be an important trade centre during the Hittites. This covered market worked as the stock Exchange market 3500 years ago which is paralel to what is now commodity Exchange. That is why, to identify Şapinuva as the first stock exchange in history will not be a false information. Within this frame, our determination to work in the advanced level in the stock exchange market continues in today’s conditions. Let us go through the development of our stock exchange since then until the present day;

Established in 1988 in an Office belonging to the municipality with only 5 personnel, Çorum commodity Exchange has been working actively since then. Among 113 Commodity Exchanges its bonds have been recorded as increasing in value and determined to cope with the modern stock exchange systems.

The purchasing process of the 65 items on the Stock Exchange quotation list is done. Today, there are 677 members of the Commodity Exchange of which 528 are active.  Çorum Commodity Exchange worked in the two offices they bought in 1991 until 2011 and continued working in the Commodity Exchange complex completed in June 2011.

In 03 August 2000, in the place of the Commodity Exchange in grain market place, sales hall became active, stock exchange issues started, agricultural products of that area were sold to people dealing with trade and industry through tender and has been sold with the value after the analysis received from the laboratories. In 2012, after having the authorized classification certificate, the stock exchange laboratory became an extensive laboratory in the care of the Ministry. With the licenced warehousing product instrument sales procedures are done successfully by Çorum Commodity Exchange after being authorized to do so. Çorum Commodity Exchange is one of the 9 exchanges in “product instrument processes” and one in 11 exchanges in “authorized classification processes” in Turkey.

With the aim of preserving cultural values and heritage of Çorum, in order to get the geographical indication certificate of roasted chic peas which is one of the symbols of the city, there was an application to the Turkish Patent Institution and in April 2002 Çorum roasted chic peas was registered by our Commodity Exchange and the certificate of “Geographical Indication Certificate” was received.

From 2005 on registration offices opened in Amasya and Merzifon. In 2006, cereal and pulse halls opened in İskilip district of Çorum, manufacturers and traders were brought together,sales started through auction.

From June 2007 on, the management of livestock market in Çorum, with the protocol signed between Governorship, Municipality, Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and the Revenue Office, was transferred to the Çorum Commodity Exchange. New paddocks were built, other deficiencies were tried to be removed, the market was certified and a vet was employed. In order for the sellers and buyers to meet their needs in a healthy environment new businesses and offices opened in accordance with the alimentary products law.

The daily price statistics are published in the web site, local press and the internet site of Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey. These prices are shown on the huge screens in the Exchange Building so that the farmers and artisans are acknowledged.

In order to realize the new investment Project and to be able to start product exchange an area of 100 decares were bought from the national treasury within the investment incentives law, 124 warehouses, offices, 34 bureaus, weighbridges and weighhouses, sales hall, leisure center buildings started to be built and so far, an investment of 18 millon Turkish Liras has been completed.

In addition, at the end of 2015 the system of the exchange sales hall was changed totally and it became an “Electronic Sales Hall”. Touch operated computer system was formed and an appropriate program was bought. Furthermore, in order for the laboratory to offer quicker and safer service, a “Perten DA 7250” device was bought and put into the exchange laboratory. From then on, the member could give prices just by touching and analising prices and samples from the places they are at that moment, this peaceful environment enables to have no doubts. With the new investment, Çorum Commodity Exchange continue to work with the aim of becoming the regional exchange by catching European Union standards technologically.

Çorum Commodity Exchange is also the founder of Çorum ABIGEM which offers Professional training and consultation to SMEs and help them compete in the national and international market. Moreover, it is the member of Customs Tourism Establishments, cooperation of Anatolian Logistics Organisations Co., Turkish German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, National Cereal council and National Pulse Council.

In order to offer better quality service to the members conforming to stadndards and to have an institutional structure ISO 9001-2008 quality management system was established in 2012.

With the Exchange magazine published every year, the activities will be informed continuously.