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Salon Sales

Çorum Commodity Exchange Electronic Sales Hall was opened during the harvest season of 2015 and started to serve its members. Modernization of the sales hall with a completely technological and different application was carried out from auction sales to auction procedures, but to the electronic sales system via computer. However, the stock market is one of the top 5 market using this system in Turkey. The most important goal here is to follow the latest technology and to create the basis for people to see the values ​​of the product in the computer environment.
Since this system is based on the confidentiality of the price given by the buyers until the last sale of the product, it eliminates various misconceptions and ensures that the sale is concluded in a fair manner.
In addition, physical and chemical analysis of products such as wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale, oilseed sunflower seeds, chickpeas, soy and feed in the stock exchange laboratory is carried out with the latest technology according to TMO Purchase Criteria and TSE Standards. agricultural production will be encouraged by increasing the yield and quality in production in the light of production, and added value to the national economy will be provided by the trade of the merchant in a safe environment and accelerating the commercial access with the Electronic Product Bill Sales Market that is planned to be established in the future.