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Çorum Ticaret Borsası / CORUM MUSEUM

Opened in 1968, Corum Museum, moved to the new building in 2000, opened to visit in 2003. In the museum building whch is “Immovable Cultural Assets To Be Protected” the archeological and ethnographical exhibition halls are designed as independent of oneanother.

In the archeology hall, there is a chronological exhibition order starting with the Works of the Chalcolithic Period unearthed during the excavations carried out in Alacahoyuk and Kussaray. This is followed by the Windows with the findings of the Ancient Bronze Age Resuloglu Graves. The funeral ceremony, which is near the Ancient Bronze Age Alacahoyuk Grave, exhibited similar to the original and used by the visitors interactively.

During the archeological excavations in Corum(Bogazkoy, Hattusha, Alacahoyuk, Ortakoy,Sapinova, Yoruklu,Huseindede),among the unearthed monuments of the Hittite Period, there are vases with reliefs on and the visitors can be acknowledged about those Works of art interactively. In addition, In the exhibition area of the Hittite Architecture, a sightseeing tour can be organized vituallly to the capital city of the Hittites Hattusha.

In the museum, special bronz sword on which was in cuneiform script ,is from Hittite priod (B.C.1430), Hittite period cuneiform script tablets that have been included in “ The Earth Memory List ” by Unesco, clay seals that were found as an archive and cuneiform script tablets that were found in Bogazköy-Hattusha and Ortaköy excavations, have been displayed in company with animation that shows their usage at their periods.

Boğazköy –Hattusha Works from the same period come just after the Frig Period foundings. After Frig period Works , ceramic, glass and metal Works from Helenistic,Galat , Roman and Byzantium have been exhibited.In this saloon a clock from Roman period has been exhibited with its system of work. Additionally there is a rich coins collection that is included in Roman and Helenistic period official and state coins with East Roman and İslamic period coins.

Çorum Ethnography Museum is such a place where the examples of Turkish art that comes from Ottoman and Seljuks to these days, have been exhibited.In this saloon , there are three kinds of Workshops which have been animating copperworking , roasted chickpea working and coffee culture that are belonged to Çorum in a modern museum vision.

In the museum both English and Turkish guide systems have been used by the visitors free of charge. Further more the mobile application called “ Çorum Museum Collection “ has been in use. In this application that can be downloaded to mobile phones freely, the users can reach Çorum, Boğazköy, Alacahöyük museums and archaeological sites and the knowledge about Hittite civilisation . The application ,Which can be used while visiting the museum, has been a complement of knowledge that can be reached every time.The application can be found at Google Play and App Store free of charge.